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Specializing in Pediatric-Adolescent Mental Health

A combination of healing modalities

Our Philosophy

We take an integrative approach to mental health by utilizing various modalities including traditional and non-traditional approaches. All of our methods are science based though they may depart from traditional forms of mental health care in a variety of ways. From bio-chemical to nutrients to verbal and non-verbal techniques of therapy that can enhance body-mind function, we assist our patients in achieving optimal health and wellness. Our approaches may include a physical examination, laboratory analysis, standardized cognitive testing, brain mapping, and nutrient and amino acid assessments. Our treatment approaches range from biological interventions to traditional individual and/or family psychotherapy to non-traditional treatments such as mindfulness meditation and yoga, hypnosis, energy psychology, Tapping and Emotional Freedom Techniques (EFT). Learn more

Complete mind & body wellness

Mind Body Wellness For Kids

We fully evaluate each child and their developmental progress along many levels including emotional, cognitive, social, and academic endeavors. Using Preventive and Nutritional Medicine, Psychological Testing, and various Mental Health treatments, we balance body and brain chemistry. Our goal is to work together with you  in providing a whole approach to your health and well-being. Learn more

Expert care from professionals

Professional Medical Staff for Pediatric

Our professional team has a long history of working with children, teenagers and families. Moving away from a disease model to a holistic functional model, we looks at the molecular, genomic, psychosocial, cultural and behavioral aspects, taking each of our patients through bridges not yet crossed and transcending the connection of the mind and body. Learn more

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