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We prefer to use natural biological remedies when possible coupled with our work with the child and family.

Our team approach includes education, teaching family about health related issues as well as effective methods of interventions that can be used at home that would enhance optimal health and performance.

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Integrative Medicine
Children and Youth Integrative Medicine

Integrative medicine seeks to combine the best ideas and practices of conventional and alternative medicine into cost-effective treatments.

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Developmental Medicine
Pediatric Developmental Medicine

Our approach is to work with the patient to provide education and care that would reduce the risks of disease and disability and promote health.

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Nutritional Medicine
Child Nutritional medicine

Our approach includes nontoxic medicines made from herbs, botanical extracts and other natural sources to fight infections, relieve pain, boost the immune system.

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Therapies and Modalities
Adolescent Mental Health

We provide care for children who suffer from behavior dysfunctions, mood, developmental and learning disorders by balancing body and brain chemistry.

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Brainmapping & Psych Testing
Adolescent Brainmapping and Psychological Testing

Psychological evaluation determines what is happening in a child’s psychological life that may be affecting the ability to behave in a more constructive manner.

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