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Integrative Medicine
Children And Youth Integrative Health Services

Integrative Medicine is one of the newest and possibly one of the most advanced forms of medicine developing in our country.

Our practice incorporates both alternative and conventional medicine. Our conventional diagnostic and assessment techniques include state-of-the-art laboratory blood and urine analysis, testing for infections, allergies, chemical and heavy metal toxicities, and nutritional imbalances. We also use blood, urine and fecal matter to test for intestinal dsybiosis, nutrient absorption rate, inflammatory bowel disease, hormone imbalance including thyroid function. We are able to test for cell membrane integrity, mitochondrial ATP production rate and mitochondrial DNA toxicity. We tailor the use of diagnostic tools as necessary to restore the health of our patients. Our diagnostic tools are broad and comprehensive but used only on an as needed basis.
We employ high-tech imaging scans as appropriate. However, we also use such alternative tools including live blood analysis, hair analysis as part of our assessment tools. We will complete a thorough physical examination and medical history, in which we are able to make a personal connection with our patient as we get to know them as a whole person.
Once our Integrative assessment is complete we base treatment on the needs of our patient’s as one or more of our combined therapies may be included in their treatment plan.
In order to provide the most comprehensive care, we are interested in discussing all aspects of your child’s health care. We also would like to know any and all products you are using, both prescription and non-prescription.

Desperate for a solution to your child’s behavior?

We prefer to use natural biological remedies when possible coupled with our work with the child and family. Our team approach includes education, teaching family about health related issues as well as effective methods of interventions that can be used at home that would enhance optimal health and performance.