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Nutritional Medicine
Nutritional Medicine Services

Our practice incorporates both alternative and conventional medicine.

Our conventional diagnostic and assessment techniques includes laboratory, blood and urine analysis, testing for infections, chemical and heavy metal toxicities, and nutritional imbalances. We also utilize alternative tools including live blood analysis, hair analysis, hormonal and neurotransmitter measurements as part of our assessment. We believe that there is no substitute for a thorough physical examination and medical history, during our examination we desire to make a personal connection with each one of our patients.

Our Nutritional approach includes nontoxic medicines made from herbs, botanical extracts and other natural sources to fight infections, relieve pain, boost the immune system. This approach may be as effective and at times more effective-than conventional pharmaceutical drugs, without drugs’ harmful side effects.

The Initial Visit and Evaluation

Our evaluation process begins with a thorough review of our patient’s concerns, symptoms and brief medical history. We continue with a comprehensive medical history, physical examination and laboratory evaluation.

Approximately 2-3 weeks after the initial evaluation our patients will be schedule for a follow up visit. At this time specific laboratory findings will be discussed and a individualized plan will be outlined including the prescription of nutrients and conventional medicine.

Follow-up Visit and Evaluation

Follow-up appointments are scheduled for 4 – 6 months after onset of the nutrient program. Reassessment is an essential part of achieving effective treatment. Reevaluation may also bring to light previously unapparent imbalances or factors that will need to be addressed.

Nutritional Medicine

  • Detoxification:
  • Services include Heavy Metal, ORAL/IV Infusion-chelation and opiate dependence.

  • Nutritional analysis:
  • Services include Vitamin & Elemental Deficiencies, Hair Analysis and Serum Analysis

  • Hormonal balancing – Hormonal Replacement:
  • Services include Bio-Identical Hormones, Nutritional Support and Saliva/Serum Testing.

Give a child essential nutrition & a lifetime of health

We prefer to use natural biological remedies when possible coupled with our work with the child and family. Our team approach includes education, teaching family about health related issues as well as effective methods of interventions that can be used at home that would enhance optimal health and performance.